etac Solutions | About Us

It's been an exciting journey

etac Solutions Limited was formed in 2007.

The philosophy that drives Managing Director, Darren Beetlestone, is that "anyone who uses Dynamics NAV should do so with confidence, knowing that they are working with an advanced ERP tool which should help their business to grow - it should not hinder them."

Having worked with Dynamics NAV (Navisions, Financials, Attain etc) since 1994, we have a wealth of experience in varying implementation sectors. This time is made up of roles at end users, Microsoft Partners, and working with key people from Denmark who developed Navision as a product.

Over this period we have worked with solutions within Manufacturing, Warehousing, Professional Services, Charities, Accountants, Wholesalers, Retailers, Advertising, Recruitment, Leisure, Technology and civil engineering sectors, with multi-national companies, global industries and small enterprises. each company has been different, unique, even, but there are common factors that they all share - to be successful, to grow their business, become more efficient, and be able to manage the business that they are part of.

Being able to manage the business requires tools and software, such as Dynamics NAV ERP, which should help to obtain results. And to do that, a technology Partner who can implement, support and integrate the ERP solution is critical.

We put the user first!

We make sure that the people using the system are trained and understand not only how to use the system, but why they are using it. None of our customers have ever left to go elsewhere. We retain our customers by being agile, responsive and prepared - traits which every business require.

All of our staff have experience of working with Dynamics NAV for a number of years, both as an end user and also with Microsoft Partners. We are all accredited with Microsoft. And we all share the desire to help NAV users.