1. How do I check my version of Dynamics NAV?

In the menu task bar, go to Help -> About NAV. This displays the current version of Dynamics NAV that you are using.

2. Why do I need to upgrade?

Every year you pay an annual maintenance fee (Enhancement Plan) to Microsoft, which is generally 16% of your license value. Your investment on maintenance will become void if you are not upgrading your system. However, Microsoft uses this maintenance fee for improvisation of software. With newer versions, you get better integration with other business applications, additional features and enhancements which will improve performance.

3. Can I integrate other software with NAV to meet specific business needs?

Yes. Microsoft Dynamics NAV is compatible and highly scalable with the technology that you already use delivering value without high costs. However, the Third-Party software is to be thoroughly reviewed and checked for compatibility.

4. How much will I be charged for support activities?

You can choose fixed cost monthly or annual support, or a fixed cost per support call. These costs may vary depending upon the number of users.

  • Fixed price only: Fixed monthly prices are based upon the number of active application users and number of databases.
  • Ad hoc only: Support charges based on the requirements as specified and agreed by the client.

5. What assurances are there that I will receive the right kind of support?

We are a team of qualified Microsoft Certified Professionals who have been working with Dynamics NAV since Navision Financials first arrived in the UK in 1998, with over 22 years individual experience. Our team has experience in all areas of the software.

6. I need additional licenses, can I purchase these from you?

Yes. If you need any additional licensing and you are a customer on our partner source with Microsoft, simply contact us, as you can purchase these from us.

7.  Am I up-to-date with my Enhancement Plan?

It is important to keep track of the expiry dates of your annual Enhancement Plans to avoid any late fee charges. Please check your Enhancement Plan now. If you have any queries regarding your Enhancement Plan please contact us.

8. What is Customer Source and how can I access it?

Customer Source is a secured password protected site for all Microsoft Dynamics customers engaged in the Business Ready Enhancement Plan or a service plan. With training and documentation that is available online your company can improve efficiency. By being up-to-date with the latest updates, service packs, downloads, over 1,200 e-learning courses and accessible knowledge base (with articles and resolutions) customers can reduce their support costs. In addition to this, customers can also gain access to user groups and active communities. Access to these resources is provided at no extra charge when you are enrolled in a Business Ready Enhancement Plan. Click here to access your Customer Source https://mbs.microsoft.com/customersource/northamerica/NAV/Version/NAV-2017

If you have any difficulties when trying to access the Customer source please contacts us and we will be happy to help.

9. What is Dynamics 365 and how does it benefit customers?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the next generation of intelligent business applications that enable your organization to grow, evolve and transform to meet the needs of your customers and capture new opportunities.

Dynamics 365 breaks down the artificial silos of ERP and CRM and will deliver new purpose-built applications in the cloud. These applications work seamlessly together to manage specific business processes across, Sales, Customer Service, Field Service, Operations, Project Service Automation and Marketing. 

Dynamics 365 delivers applications that are:

  • Purpose-built:  with applications that fit roles, industries and businesses – so organizations can start with and pay only for what they need and grow at their pace to run their entire business in the cloud.   As an example – a customer can adopt Sales for Salesforce Automation, create quotes with standard prices and so on…. But as you grow and add Operations to it, the pricing that will show up when you quote customers will consider tax rules, pricing & discount calculations, and it will automatically impact the inventory and manufacturing forecasts in the Operations App for more accurate and cost-effective planning.
  • Productive: enabling greater productivity where people need it by seamlessly integrating with familiar tools like Outlook and Excel, surfacing them in the context of business processes, roles and jobs. For example, a sales person receives an email, and can respond directly in Office with a quote that is created based on information from both Finance and Sales applications, stored back to the right app, with right pricing, discounting etc. All without the user having to leave Outlook.
  • Intelligent: delivering built-in Intelligence with business processes that infuses big data, advanced analytics and IoT to proactively guide employees and customers to optimal outcomes.  For example, Cortana Intelligence will enable cross-sell recommendations to help sales reps predict which products and services a customer will need. Access to IoT data inside Dynamics 365 for Field Service will enable pre-emptive action from field service agents by connecting asset monitoring and anomaly detection so they can take action before failures occur avoiding costly customer service issues.
  • Adaptable: enabling organizations to transform at the speed of business. Business leaders can change and evolve their processes in real-time using a modern consistent, and extensible platform – so they are not being held back by legacy technology.  For example, using PowerApps and the common data model you can create custom built apps that can connect your CRM and ERP or even third-party data to help you get the right information to do your job.