Each year, October marks Cybersecurity Awareness Month, and each year, there is more guidance from Government officials and those in the tech industry about how to stay vigilant and safe online.

A cyber or phishing attack on a business is now happening every 39 seconds, which highlights the need for companies to ensure their cyber security is up to scratch. 

Those businesses with a current ERP Solution in place are already benefiting from a solid security base and a secure line of defense from both internal and external threats. Not only should businesses keep their ERP Software up to date to make the most of new updates and enhanced capabilities, it’s also extremely important when battling cyber threats.

By bringing together business processes and functions, ERP Solutions improve cybersecurity by enhancing data quality, visibility, resilience and compliance. 

Quality: An essential part of cybersecurity is having high quality and accurate data, straight away it reduces the risk of errors, fraud and potential breaches. Modern ERP Systems remove the chance of inconsistencies and duplications across all departments, as well as having automated processes to enter the data, validate it and then cleanse it, reducing human error.

Visibility: ERP Software allows businesses to access real-time data from anywhere, on any device as long as you have a secure internet connection and a cloud-based ERP. Having this anytime and anywhere access enables you to control who can access, modify and share your data. Advanced solutions even offer dashboards, alerts and notifications to help you keep track of any suspicious behavior.

Resilience: Should you be affected by a cybersecurity breach, resilience is vital to the recovery of your business. By using a resilient ERP system you can back up and restore your data in case of loss or corruption. You can also make the most of disaster recovery and business continuity plans to minimise the impact and downtime of your business. 

Compliance: An underrated benefit of an ERP Solution is that it can help you comply with various data regulations and standards. A compliant ERP system makes your business adhere to the requirements and best practices of data protection laws, and in turn your business avoids any legal penalties, reputation damage and customer loss.

ERP Solutions not only improve business productivity and efficiency, they also improve cyber security. By utilising a modem and secure ERP system, you can improve your data quality, visibility, resilience and compliance and together, protect your business from cyber threats. 

However, ERP Software is not a one-size-fits all solution, and certainly not when it comes to cybersecurity. It’s a continuous process that will require constant analysis, monitoring and evaluation, which is where etaC solutions can help.

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