Offering end-to-end solutions for the manufacturing and distribution industry, we’re proud to partner with Insight works and offer their service to our clients. Their suite of free apps can supercharge your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and add functionality to their Business Central platform.

Insight Works has just released details of a tool that will upgrade shipping functionalities within the Dynamics platform, called Dynamic Ship. This solution is tailored for small and medium sized businesses looking to optimise their shipping processes and overcome the typical challenges associated with built-in shipping features.

As an approved partner of Insight Works, we are able to offer this add-on to our new and existing customers who are looking to streamline their shipping process.

Key benefits:

This transformative tool elevates business central into a more powerful logistics management platform. It’s designed to fill the gaps in shipping operations, providing a comprehensive solution that enhances logistics, customer satisfaction and overall profitably. 

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