2021 looks to be as challenging for businesses as 2020 was. There has been so much uncertainty around Covid-19 restrictions, instability caused by Brexit and constantly changing consumer habits.

A recent study from the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) warns at least 250,000 UK small businesses could fold in 2021.

Here at etac solutions we believe the right use of technology and software will separate the financially sound from the precarious, and using available software solutions in the right way could help to defy economic downturn.

We specialise in providing ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solutions to businesses. The Microsoft software we integrate into the bones of a business streamlines processes by centralising all departments, helping them to manage finances, operations, sales, customer services and manufacturing in one slick system.

Many businesses already have versions of these systems in place, but we believe that unless they are utilising the tech to its fullest potential, they won’t be getting the best return on investment.

ERP services aren’t a one-size fits all solution, but the good news is that the offering from Microsoft Dynamics can be tailored around a business’ needs.

We believe that 2021 is a really important time to re-evaluate the systems businesses are using to make sure they are helping to reduce costs, boost efficiency and increase your profits. There isn’t room for inefficient systems in the current climate.

The implementation of new systems isn’t instant; they take time, training and regular reviews. But once they are optimised, we believe they can help your business become lean and efficient , which is crucial to financial resilience in 2021. 

Microsoft Dynamic’s end-to-end business management solution includes 365 Finance, which can generate insights into every part of the business to boost efficiency. 

The software promises to help businesses make better financial decisions with accurate and customisable cash flow projections, AI that can predict customer payment times and time-saving automation helping you to balance the books.

If you would like us to review your current system or would like to find out more about what we can offer, get in touch today!

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