Here at etac solutions we have noticed that Santa and his elves could do with an effective ERP solution! Think about all those millions of letters that Santa receives, the billions of toys that need manufacturing, storing and delivering worldwide, and the huge team of elves. This is a massive operation!

Santa and his elves need to bring all their departments together to streamline their processes. By improving their workflows, we believe they could boost their efficiency and productivity.

Don’t worry Santa, etac solutions is here to help!

Getting overloaded with letters

With an ever-growing global population, Santa needs an effective way to deal with all the letters he receives. By going digital he can organise his emails to be filed into folders by location. He could also use an autoresponder to create automated responses.

Naughty or Nice?

He's making a list, he's checking it twice, and he’s probably going to be overwhelmed logging who's naughty or nice!

There are approximately 2 billion children in the world. Imagine writing a list for them manually and checking it twice – the mind boggles!

Instead, Santa can use a digital system to process the data and create a metric to automatically rank how good each child has been using real-time insights.

Order management

Letters to Santa need inputting into an order management system that seamlessly communicates data to every department to ensure no gift gets missed off the list.

Keeping up with seasonal demand

The elf factory has a big challenge with seasonal demand. Santa needs to align demand and his supply chain to ensure he is making enough of the latest must-have toy.

Microsoft Dynamics creates the opportunity for improving inventory management, with real-time updates and trend forecasting to stay ahead of demand.

Device-led mobile warehousing

Before Santa found Microsoft Dynamics all of his processes were manual, with elves stock checking using a pen and paper. That was extremely time-consuming and there was a big scope for human error.

Now the elves can use mobile devices to automate stock management – saving valuable time and improving accuracy.

The latest technology

Santa can take care of his distribution logistics to work out how he will visit 5,556 homes per second and to calculate how many carrots Rudolph will need to complete the journey. With the latest Microsoft software, anything is possible!

We’re here to help

Don’t worry Santa, etac solutions can guide you every step of the way to ensure your ERP solution perfectly fits to your needs and we provide ongoing support and training.

Merry Christmas from the whole team at etac solutions!

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