This month, the 2024 release wave 1 was launched for Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Power Platform, with hundreds of AI-powered capabilities coming our way between April and September.

A core part of the update is how Copilot can empower your employees, and improve your business’ efficiency and customer journey.

There is now Copilot for Sales, Copilot for Service and Copilot for Finance, all as integrated apps. Generative AI is here to transform the way we work.

The future of enterprise resource planning looks very different. Traditionally, businesses still needed to manually complete a lot of processes in their ERP system to keep it all running. But in Microsoft’s vision of its evolution, ERP solutions would be powered by AI to operate more independently with constant adjustments being made automatically, only involving users where necessary.

Copilot could start to help with decision making, identifying areas of growth and monitoring performance. 

Copilot’s new capabilities include a chat pane that helps you to find data more quickly and get assistance with tasks. This will be really useful for SMEs who could use it to get help with repetitive tasks, analyse data, and create sales lines etc.

If you’d like to find out more about Microsoft’s new capabilities, you can watch the Microsoft Business Applications Launch Event here.

And to find out more about the developments that the etac team are excited about, call us today on 01952 897 010.

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