First things first, there isn’t an ERP system that you can bag you a Valentine’s date. Sorry to have got your hopes up!

But choosing the right ERP system for your business, with the best software, implemented by a partner who has your interests at heart, isn’t all that different to everyday relationships.

Does that seem far-fetched?

Well it is a little, but bear with us!

Here’s the scenario – you are single, you want to find a partner but you don’t know where to start!

Perhaps you start your search online to see the full scope of what’s available.

It is highly likely you will be met with lots of options that seem too good to be true! You have all these potential suitors to choose from that look perfect and have descriptions that seem tailored just to you.

You spend some time asking them questions, you get to know them, and they really talk to the talk! Could this be the ONE?

You invest time and resources in to building a relationship with them, and they promise you that they will transform everything!

Unfortunately you may soon realise that your expectations aren’t being met.

Perfection isn’t instant - it needs working at, this partner isn’t aligned with how you operate, and overall knowing how to nurture a relationship takes experience and the right attributes in that partner.

The ‘perfect’ solution you have been promised might not be the right outcome for you and your needs.

This might sound like your love life but this is the same story we hear again and again at etac solutions. Clients come to us having not felt previous ERP software or providers have been the right fit for them.

We are long established suppliers of Microsoft Dynamics NAV and more recently, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and we truly believe in the capabilities of this software.

We take the time to get to know our client’s needs in order to craft the best solution – whether that is an integration, upgrade or brand-new implementation. We will always be flexible and receptive to what our clients need.

And we don’t just give up on the first date! We will stay with you for the long run, being on hand to offer training, support and help.

Happy Valentine’s Day to all our brilliant clients!

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