Continia seamlessly integrates with both Microsoft Business Central and NAV, and gives your business accelerated streamlined document capture and expense management solutions. Their fully embedded systems mean that as a customer, you can benefit from easier user interfaces, reduced complexity, and is a way of working that you already know.

Being able to keep on top of employee expenses, managing documents, and making sure reports can be delivered can be a major operation if you don't have the correct tools at hand.


  • Continia's Document Capture is an end-to-end solution to import, register, approve and archive complete purchase invoices and credit memos directly into Business Central - without chopping and changing between software and platforms.  
  • Your accounts team can reap the benefits of eliminating manual data entry and typing by scanning paper documents. Built-in technology transfers the relevant information from the document and places it in Business Central, making it fast and efficient. 
  • All documents that are scanned in using Continia's Document Capture are compared to previous documents for consistency, meaning if your documents match, they can be processed and approved automatically - reducing the need for chasing departments and managers. 

Continia document capture features