Running a business can feel like an epic circus act of spinning multiple plates. It can be overwhelming keeping across so many different elements, from accounts, to sales, HR and stock levels. It can be difficult to find the time to collate all of these elements in to one place, to piece together an overview of the business - and to keep doing that on a regular basis. You might have been using the same business software for years, so how will you know how latest tech solutions can make these processes easier?

 Here’s a run-down of three signs that your business might be ready for an ERP solution…

Your business has multiple processes, software and ways of recording data

As your business has grown and technology has developed, you may have started to incorporate different ways of processing your data. How do your accounts team process incomings, outgoings, and invoices? Where are the stock levels recorded? How do the sales team process orders? An ERP solution brings together everything in to a single digital system and updates the information in real time. This gives everyone a clear picture of how the business is working - increasing efficiency by improving the communication of data and by saving your employees time.

It should also improve customer experience. With inventories, accounts and customer data updated in real time, on one system, this means your customer-facing representatives can give customers accurate feedback on order updates, delivery and accounts information without any delay. Data is readily available.

You struggle to work out your key performance metrics

If you want to find out your sales figures or know how productive your operations are, you often rely on your employees updating spreadsheets and inputting data. With an ERP solution, you get instant, up to date metrics. This will include sales margins, customer sales history, supply chain cycle time and quality control. This helps your target areas that need improving, and easily discover what is already working well. If you need to report to shareholders, you have the information at your fingertips. If you want to set targets to your sales team, you can measure progress seamlessly. Let the data work for you.

The way your accounts team works needs streamlining

Is your accounts team surrounded by lever arch files bursting with paper purchase orders and invoices, and are they spending hours manually entering data? Then they could be saving valuable time with an ERP solution. It will streamline everything in to one place, making systems work more efficiently and improve accuracy. The data from sales orders can raise invoices, and finances can be reconciled, all in one place – removing unnecessary duplications and inputting. It can also revolutionise financial reporting. Instead of pulling together data from multiple spreadsheets, everything is available centrally.

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