If we rewind back a year, businesses across the globe were making major changes to their structure and operations to respond to the pandemic.

The uptake of ERP solutions has been increasing for years but the need for innovative systems that connects everyone, no matter where they are located became more important than ever almost overnight. There was a need for ERP to connect people working in isolation.

Lessons from 2020

The transition to more digital practices was a critical move by many businesses. For some it meant investing in infrastructure and adapting quickly.

We could never have foreseen the need to make an entire workforce able to work remotely, but here we are! People are still working from home, and remote working may have become a permanent fixture for many businesses – with office space becoming less of a necessity.

It is important to consider what it is like starting a new job at a company now. These employees may not step foot in their office or meet their colleagues face to face for some time, if ever! Online tools are fundamental in bridging the physical gaps between colleagues to make sure communication is still as slick as ever.

Microsoft gave us the tools to make that transition to remote working possible. From facilitating online meetings, remote access to documents, enabling collaboration across departments – in a fully secure and compliant online environment, on cloud-based systems.

The offering of Microsoft Office 365 has been a blessing for businesses since the pandemic began.

In particular Microsoft Teams has helped to create an online version of physical workplaces. It helps your team remain productive, as well as aiding collaboration with its easy-to-use video conferencing and chat features.

Shared to do lists, sharing screens, sales analytics from your Dynamics 365 CRM to review data and find leads, and virtual notebooks setting tasks for the day, to name but a few useful features!

What to expect in 2021

As we continue to work from home, what does this mean for ERP in 2021?

Cloud based adoption of ERP will keep increasing, with potentially less uptake of ‘on-premise’ systems. Companies need to connect their workforce wherever they are in the world, and have the ability to make software and process changes quickly and easily.

Mobile ERP is becoming crucial too, allowing users to work from laptops and mobile phones with access to everything they need, no matter where they are.

AI will continue to improve ERP solutions. Automation of accounts payable is a key tool for increasing productivity.

The IoT has helped to connect businesses with physical devices in a remote working world. By using IoT with ERP huge amounts of data can be gathers via sensors to provide real time data and reducing the amount of manual data entry needed.

Training with ERP software has gone digital. Here at etac solutions we want to keep supporting you. We don’t have to do this in person, we can provide virtual and on demand options.

However the world changes in 2021, our ERP solutions can be adapted to fit around your business’ needs.

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