We are very excited to announce our newest member of the etac partner team – Continia!

Continia’s software is impressive stuff. It can automate many of your accounts teams' jobs, such as registering incoming documents, matching purchase orders, and approving invoices - saving your business valuable time.

Continia says, “Our solutions eliminate manual tasks by 90% in your finance team.

You can’t argue with that!

We believe that by streamlining your workflow and automating tasks, you save time and money, allowing your team to work more efficiently.


Here are some of the features they provide…

Managing expenses can often be a headache, but with Continia they can give you a concise overview and make it easy for receipts and mileage to be reported by your staff, cutting out the admin for your accounts team.

Their centralised system ensures outbound documents are organised in an efficient way so you know what’s gone where, to whom and in what format.

Their payment management system creates a solid workflow between Business Central and your bank, to manage all the sending and receiving of payments in one place. Collection of your customer payments can be automated too.

Continia develop and market solutions under a concept called Built Inside Business Central, which means they are fully embedded in the Business Central platform. This means you can keep using the interfaces that you are already used to – making it even easier to benefit from their fantastic software.


We are really impressed with what Continia has to offer – and we think you will be too! 

To discuss your ERP solution with us, call one of the team at etac today on 01952 897 010.

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