Published: July 25, 2020

2020 has been a year of being disconnected, isolated, and distanced, so it is more important than ever to stay connected with your customers, to provide the best possible experience.

Fundamental to this is understanding their needs. By gaining deeper insights you can craft your product or service to your customer, which in turn strengthens the customer relationship.

Microsoft has announced the launch of Dynamics 365 Customer Voice. Using the ready-to-use templates, surveys can be created in just a few clicks. They can be customised to your requirements, and scaled as needed. It gives you instant real time feedback. You can track responses to see the full picture of customer experience.

A recent survey analysis from Microsoft said, “90% of customers want to provide feedback, while only 54% of them are rarely given the opportunity to share. Our goal with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Voice is to make collecting and distributing feedback from customers across teams standardized, so that everyone can provide a best-in-class product or experience designed for the customer.

“Our ready-to-use templates come with default questions designed to fit what our research showed were the four most common feedback scenarios: periodic customer feedback, post-delivery, post-visit, and post-support call. Questions included in the template are fully customizable to fit specific product or service needs and do not require any technical expertise to use or change.”

There isn’t any point in collecting this data if you are not able to easily analyse it. Microsoft’s AI technology automatically classifies the data. Voice can create alerts if your business receives below satisfactory scoring, so you can quickly rectify processes that aren’t working. It also prompts you when to follow up a complimentary rating.

The feedback can be integrated in to other apps, and can be used to build up a 360-degree view of a customer within their profile.

Find out what really matters to your customers and how you can improve your services.

It doesn’t matter where customers are, even if they never physically meet you – you are still able to benefit from learning about their experience by capturing their feedback – wherever they are in the world!

The feedback model can be used in other ways, for instance employee or event feedback. It is customisable to your needs.

A trial version of Customer Voice is to be released this summer. If you are already using Microsoft Forms Pro your existing Forms Pro survey data will automatically be moved to Customer Voice.

To find out more about what Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central can offer your business, get in touch with etac solutions today.

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