Advancements in technology has improved services for customers. Now they can purchase a holiday from their mobile phone, click and collect their new shed, and find out the stock levels of a pair of trainers before they visit a shop.

This omnichannel experience was once an extra perk but has quickly become a standard customer expectation.

Customers want to shop how, where and when they want.

Retailers have no choice to keep up with these expectations in order to thrive and survive. But scaling up too quickly can cause issues. Crucially retailers need to ensure their back-end systems powering the connected purchasing experiences are as slick as the front-end customer facing services.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce delivers a unified, personalised, and seamless buying experiences for customers. It is built on a modern and intelligent platform that natively connects commerce systems, from payments to fraud protection. Commerce provides frictionless and consistent access to online and offline channels.

A unified commerce platform can aid a true omnichannel system that serves new and existing channels, so customers can buy and return goods however they like. By meeting their needs with a slick, flexible system, they are more likely to return for repeat sales.

After all, research from HubSpot found 93% of customers are likely to make repeat purchases with companies who offer excellent customer service.

A seamless experience comes from a fully integrated, unified system. Businesses that use legacy systems with traditional payment gateways will be hindered by a set of disconnected processes depending on the channel and location. This limits visibility of data and customer insights.

365 Commerce can work with many payment providers, but it still connects the data to everything else – from the point of sale, customer relationship system and fraud protection. Better visibility across processes provides a better customer experience.

365 Commerce provides connected customer data to help you understand their needs and behaviour better, to help you grow and develop whilst fostering long-lasting relationships.

Don’t be daunted by the challenge of a digital transformation. With the right back-end support, you can create the best service for customers. Let Dynamics 365 Commerce streamline the processes, centralise your data to create valuable insights and build systems than adapt around your business and customers.

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