By understanding your customers and the way they buy, Dynamics 365 Sales helps you to sell more. The market-leading sales tool is powered by data and intelligence around the customer relationships in your business.

If you understand your customers better, you can make your business more relevant to them and become more efficient at selling to them.

In 2021 there has been news of a release wave 1 to 365 Sales, with updates, optimisations and new functionality.

Here are some of our favourite features!

Saving time

Ultimately Dynamics 365 Sales will save users time by completing tasks more efficiently. Sales teams want to identify leads and prioritise actions, and the new updates help achieve that with increased automation that will adapt around the behaviours of your customers.

This could be automatically sending a customer email at a certain stage in the sales process or triggers by your customer in their emails or phone conversations with you, which dictate your next action.

Data-driven decision-making

If your sales team are to work efficiently, they don’t want to be drowning in data. 365 Sales helps pinpoint the important insights to save them time. Data from conversations via phone, video or conference call can provide insights too.

Data is presented in a visualisable way to make it interactive and configurable, with the stats that matter to your sellers.

New pipeline manager workspace

This new workspace gives sellers a clear understanding on which actions need progressing. Sellers will be able to clearly view the pipeline to streamline the way they work, with filtering, data insights, customisable side panel forms and interactive charts.

Mobile Application Updates 

There have been some updates to the mobile experience to help users on the go.

Sellers can manage their workload from their mobile phone, gather insights, integrate accounts and contacts with AI and easily access their files and day planner.

There is also help for follow-up actions with quick updates on records and contacts.

Calls and online meetings via Microsoft Teams can be transcribed using Dynamics 365 record, and AI will give sellers insights and actions to follow up.

What’s great about this update for sellers is that the new app is designed specifically for them and will only show them the data that is relevant, which helps them to work more efficiently.

KPI Dashboard

The new KPI and management dashboards will make it easier for users to track their performance, with key metrics such as value per call and conversion rates from leads to sales.

In summary, it is everything your sales team needs!

If you would like to find out more details about Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales please get in touch with the team at etac today.

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