Here are just a few of the great new ways in which Business Central will help you to manage your financials.

Imagine if with one touch you could synchronise your financials with your supply-chain and connect them to the full Windows Suite instantly. Imagine how much time you would save, how much more effectively you would complete your billing and how quickly your profits would grow. Now stop imagining and download Dynamics 365 Business Central today. This tool will bring you all of the benefits listed above, setting new boundaries in productivity generated by ERPs.

Here are just a few of the great new ways in which Business Central will help you to manage your financials.

Bring All Your Data Together On One Easily-Navigable Screen

There’s no need to flick between different windows and email accounts depending on whether you are talking to someone in accounts or sales. See everything on the same screen to make inter-departmental communication throughout your organisation as easy and efficient as possible. Better still, Business Central lets you correlate data from all relevant departments into clear, concise, graphs and charts so that you know which aspects of the business are going well, which could be improved, and which require root and branch reform. These charts can then be downloaded and exported, so that the results you report to the CEO will be as cogent and accurate as possible.

Streamline Your Accounts

Know which invoices you need to pay and when, which invoices you have outstanding, which accounts you need to chase, and which accounts need to be closed from one dashboard. Business Central lets you plan out your day’s business around the dates on which invoices need to be paid or collected in.

Forecast More Effectively

Business Central lets you model and analyse data across numerous dimensions, so you have the information that you need to be able to predict how well your business will do in the coming year at the touch of a button. Your business needs clarity. Microsoft’s latest ERP offering gives you precisely that. It also allows you to customise your reports as easily as you compiled them, thanks to Microsoft Excel integration.

Manage Your Stock Like Never Before

Business Central tells you what you are running low on, what stock you hold currently, and what stock you are struggling to move. This information, generated by Business Central’s powerful AI capabilities, allows you to plan relationships with your suppliers so that they maximise your sales, reduce your costs and enhance your bottom line in ways that you didn’t previously know were possible. This fantastic ERP will even give you reminders on when you need to pay suppliers to reduce any risk of them charging you overdue fees.

These are just some of the ways in which Business Central will add value to your business. Now you can predict with near certainty what your profits will be in the coming year and plan your way to achieving them with unprecedented convenience.

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