One of the cool new features added to Dynamics Nav is the ability to verify UK and European VAT registered organisations within Dynamics NAV.

 The main benefits of using the NAV built-in verification tool are:

 There are 3 main steps to setting up the functionality as show below:

  1. Setup website address (link to;
  2. Verify Countries / Region Code setup;
  3. Verify VAT Registration Number in Customer / Vendor record.

 1.  Setting up the URL link within Dynamics Nav

Type in the search box General Ledger Setup.

Go to the reporting section and populate the VAT Reg. No. Validation URL with the following address.


2. Verify Countries / Region Code setup

When setting up the country region codes in NAV we must take care in ensuring that they correspond with the EU standard coding.

The screenshot below shows the EU VAT coding on the European Commission web site.

European Commission web site screenshot

Check these against your NAV Countries/Regions setup, which  can be found in Departments > Administration > Application Setup > General > Countries/Regions - or just type Countries/Regions in the search box!


In addition to the above we also need to check that the VAT registration formats are setup and complete. This can be found at the top of Countries/Regions page.



Above we can see the formats that NAV will recognise when entering in the customer and vendor cards.

 3. Verify VAT Registration Number in Customer / Vendor record

 The setup is complete and we can test the new functionality.

Go to customers and create a new customer. When completing the new customer card we must populate the country/region code for the functionality to work. Then we are ready to enter the VAT registration number. You can see below where the customer card is populated.


If you enter the VAT number in an incorrect format NAV will warn you.

We are now ready to verify the VAT registration number:

Click on the button next to the VAT Registration No. field and this will take you into the following screen:


Then click on Verify VAT Registration Number and Nav should find the name and address of the company.

It’s as easy as that to set up!

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