The way we work has evolved but HR processes are lagging behind. Working for a company isn’t just about getting a pay check each month – it can be about finding a business that aligns with your values, that gives you a path of career progression, and has the digital capabilities to offer flexible working.

Dynamics 365 Human Resources offers HR managers the tools to do more than just basic HR processes, such as hiring and staff retention. Its objective is to drive operational excellence.

Happy, well looked after staff help a business to thrive and with Dynamics 365 you can transform the experience of your employees.


Using Dynamics 365 you can centralise your data and make use of its artificial intelligence technology to gain insights on your staff. It can optimise workforce costs and drive a high performance culture.

Use its data to gain insights and drive experience, such as benefits, leave and absence, compliance, payroll, performance feedback, and training.

Compared to traditional HR, these processes are streamlined and some tasks can be automated. The tools will make your processes more consistent and efficient.

Decision Making

The system can help HR managers make better decisions based on your workforce’s data across every department. Through data being centralised it can provide valuable insights.

Advantages of using Dynamics 365 Human Resources:

Use Dynamics 365 Human Resources to help nurture your staff, for example with performance assessments. The software can help you manage benefits, compensation, record leave and absence, compliance, health and safety, maintain certifications and personnel management.

The software helps to build a 360 view of each of your workers. It can save you time by automating admin tasks, to give you more time to focus on strategy.

The software can also generate reports so you can meet relevant compliance and health and safety requirements, and it is delivered to you in a user-friendly format.

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