Warehouse and supply chain management can be challenging. There’s a lot to factor in, along with many issues out of your control (for example Brexit, a pandemic and a Russian invasion to name but a few!)

Things can get out of hand quickly – this can lead to poor customer satisfaction, a loss of reputation and a negative impact on sales.

Be armed with all the tools you need, to overcome any hurdles your business might face.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central can give you those tools. 

365 Supply Chain Management builds your resilience and sustainability, and brings together every aspect of your supply chain, combining inventory and warehouse management.

You can tailor your manufacturing to support the processes further up the supply chain, streamline your schedules by using real-time data, use warehouse management to improve how goods move around your business and use intelligence to pinpoint product issues.

Using integrated tools, such as KPIs, charts and workspaces, you can improve productivity and efficiency.


Create a Smart Factory Set-up

One of the main benefits of an ERP system is reducing the amount of manual data entering, and automating admin tasks. This should be reflected in your warehouse management to improve efficiency, reduce human error, and help your team focus their attention on more complex tasks.

Using IoT (Internet of Things) devices you can use sensors and data signals to monitor key stages along the supply chain, helping you to foresee issues before they have happened.

365 Inventory Management can help you utilise the data of past sales to optimise your stock ordering. This will reduce the cost of carrying too much, helping you to carry the right amount of stock to give your customers the best service.

You will have a better understanding of the true value of the inventory your business is holding, helping you to make better decisions and not waste money.

The artificial intelligence capabilities of Supply Chain Management help your business to have the right levels of stock, and run more efficiently. It’s all about making things simpler with software that works for you, not against you.


Warehouse Management mobile scanners

Forget using a pen and paper, or filling in spreadsheets… use warehouse mobile devices to send data direct to your ERP. It’s as easy as it sounds – why aren’t you using it already!


If you want to find out more about how 365 Business Central can help your warehouse management and supply chain, call us today on 01952 897 010.

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