It has been fantastic following the Euros and Wimbledon recently. With the Olympics on the horizon, the sporting fun isn’t going anywhere!

It has got us thinking about the technology used in these sports – whether that is during training, for refereeing, or the filming and broadcasting around the world. There is so much use of groundbreaking technology – even though all of these sports didn’t need that technology in the first place.

That doesn’t feel too dissimilar to how some businesses view ERP solutions – the ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ mentality. Chances are they started out functioning without an ERP solution and got on just fine, so why would they need it now? If at their core they don’t feel they need a centralised system, why would they change?

I’m glad you asked!

ERP solutions streamline the way"¯a business manages finances, operations, sales, customer services and manufacturing. It can improve workflows and boost efficiency by automating tasks, integrating systems and providing better insights using real time data.

A human can referee a football match, but integrating VAR can help reduce human error and boost the performance of the referee team – much like a decent ERP solution!

We were interested to read about some AI being used for this year’s Wimbledon. They have enhanced the level of AI technology to create a highly personalised fan experience focusing on data, language and automation, which will be made available via and the Wimbledon apps. It uses hybrid cloud technologies that are used with businesses across industries and around the world.

One of the new AI offerings will be a power rankings list. This is an AI-powered analysis of player performance presented as a leader board that updates every day of the tournament. 

According to IBM, Power Rankings focus on a player’s most recent match history, combining statistical analysis, natural language processing, and the IBM Cloud to analyse daily performance data, mine media commentary, and measure player momentum tournament-to-tournament and match-to-match.

This use of AI is akin to what we work with in the world of ERP!

Another fascinating use of automation and AI comes from reports of a supercomputer that has predicted England’s Euros chances (this was before the Germany match!) Apparently it gave England a 5.2% chance of winning Euro 2020.

The supercomputer has one of the world’s most advanced artificial intelligence models for predicting football outcomes. It has run the data, simulated the entire tournament 40,000 times, and is constantly monitoring injuries and Covid crises.

Again, this is a great example of technology using automation, AI, and real time data to provide detailed insights, and operating faster than us mere humans ever could!

So, if you don’t think your business needs an ERP solution, consider what you could be missing out on with the latest technology and software – the outcomes are infinite!

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