The Commonwealth Games is coming to Birmingham this month and being as that’s coming close to our etaC Solutions offices, we thought we’d get into the spirit of things and delve a little deeper into the technology behind putting on such an epic sporting event.


Now, there’s not just the television aspect of hosting such a momentous event like this, although that is a very important part! There are so many different technical elements that come together during a sporting event, such as the communications between referees, umpires, and stewards, the training processes for each athlete, and the scoring system that becomes vital to providing accurate results to those who need it.


It sounds like the Commonwealth Games could do with the help of an ERP Solution…


Imagine having one central system, that connects coaches and teams with the information that they need at the click of a button. Now imagine that system playing host to multiple sports, across multiple days and multiple venues!


With all the different moving elements and the various departments needing accurate information in real-time, and for it to be easily accessible from anywhere, an ERP Solution would be perfect.


The common data services mean that you only need to enter information once across all the relevant modules, streamlining the processes and procedures, so everyone can go back to what they’re doing best… making the Commonwealth Games run smoothly! 


But not only that, the Automation processes that come with ERP Software could prove to be key in assessing and reporting on data that comes from the games. Way back in 1930, when the first Commonwealth Games happened, we would be trusted to communicate information and data but now, with automation at our fingertips, it makes sense to utilise the software that makes the whole process effortless – reducing the possibility of human error.


When it comes to televising the event, there are so many technical resources that will be called upon, but how will they know what to broadcast, when to broadcast, and what to say? Well… with an ERP Solution of course!


With every user on the same page, regardless of whether they’re live on BBC, or if they’re in a commentating box, communications to those who aren’t attending the event is something that can’t go wrong. The real-time data, mixed with automation, can make sure that everyone knows the score and can relay important information to viewers and listeners.


So, if an ERP Solution can help streamline the Commonwealth Games, it will definitely be able to streamline your business! Start a conversation with us here…

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