Published: May 29, 2020

During the Covid-19 outbreak businesses across the world have been working in new and evolving ways. Workers have been relying on the latest technology to stay connected, share information and get their jobs done - no matter where they are working.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central provides a raft of capabilities to aid remote working. It can be used as a service on a web browser so it appears like a website. As it is independent of operating systems it can be used from any web browser (e.g. Safari, Microsoft Edge, Chrome etc.) so you can log in from any location without needing to install new components on to your computer. So whether your ERP solution is on-premise or cloud based, you can utilise Business Central’s features from the web client.

Users are able to view and update data using the uncomplicated and accessible interface, without needing to worry about added security such as VPN or RDP access.

A big advantage of using this kind of set-up is that you are able to personalise your workspace. The easy-to-use interface has everything you need in one place and you can update it as you please.

There are tabs for each area of the business, and you can personalise it to display your most used sections, along with shortcuts for your common actions. It can display your workflows, including ongoing activities with sales, purchases and payments, plus insights and reports are all a click away. Users can add or remove fields to their interface to create an even more personal and efficient way of working. Anything you change will be displayed just for you, even when you log in from another device.

Here are some screenshots showing how it appears on a web browser. We were using Microsoft Edge:

At a time when we are all working differently, spending time out of the normal office setting and refreshing our company workflows, it is a great time to think about implementing and updating systems so they provide the best service for you.

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