Whether your manufacturing business is small or large scale there are many benefits to adopting an ERP solution. Manufacturing has so many moving parts in its structure and ERP provides the most efficient way to manage all of those processes, reducing wastage of time or money and minimizing human error.

Running operations with multiple spreadsheets, accounting software and segregated manual processes will limit your ability to manage all of the processes efficiently and could hinder the business’ scope to be scaled up as it grows. 

ERP solutions allow your business to be responsive to change in customer demand or market shifts, through utilising its forecasting capabilities and available insights using a combination of historical and real time data.

Managers can utilise this detailed, up to date knowledge of the business operations across departments, in order to secure the best outcomes. Workflows can be maximized, and any issues will be flagged up by the system, aiding productivity levels.

By storing time critical information centrally, all departments can access the same data. This is especially useful for inventory control where you can optimize your settings to never run out of critical stock, and can therefore just hold minimal stock to save money. 

Tasks can be automated through ERP software, reducing the time spent by staff writing up, finding or communicating data – leading to increased productivity and easier decision-making for managers.

Streamlined accounting systems negate the need for multiple spreadsheets and help automate tasks. You have a central place to see your incomings and outgoings, and you can use the data to locate inefficiencies and forecast in to the future.

The software available is flexible around your business’ needs and size, and as the business grows, the software can adapt with it. 

It is important to note that adopting an ERP service isn’t an overnight, instant change. It takes time and investment to plan and implement the right solution, as well as training and guidance to ensure your team is using it effectively. It may require maintenance and updates periodically to remain relevant and scaled according to your business use – but the pay off for the business is well worth it! 

If your business has outgrown excel spreadsheets, it is time to get in contact with a Microsoft partner that can implement an ERP solution that will transform how you work. Contact us today by emailing info@etacsolutions.co.uk.

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